Connecting Arizona's Innovative Learning Community

GAZeL, the Greater Arizona eLearning Association is a statewide nonprofit Arizona eLearning Industry Organization connecting Arizona’s policy makers and business, government, education and nonprofit eLearning Community.

We are an alliance of eLearning providers, entrepreneurs, educators, eLearning practitioners, and consumers of eLearning technology and services, including related businesses, organizations and institutions that support the industry.

About GAZeL

Arizona Innovative Learning Collaborative

The Arizona Innovative Learning Collaborative includes public and private colleges and universities, community colleges, K-12 education, and business, government, and nonprofit organizations.

The Collaborative will engage the Arizona community, including educators, policy makers and community leaders, in developing Action Plans and Communities Of Interest to:

Create a Culture of Education Innovation that will promote and support adoption of innovative ideas and new technologies that will enable Arizona to create next generation education and workforce development solutions for our state and our communities. Innovation and technology must be infused in all Arizona discussions about education reform
Provide opportunities for education innovators to collaborate and network, share ideas and resources, exchange best practices, pursue joint funding opportunities, develop mutual professional development strategies, pursue and share research opportunities, and engage in other cooperative initiatives that will support adoption of new and innovative strategies and technologies

Who Should Get Involved In The Collaborative?

Anyone who cares about the future of education in Arizona and wants to learn about, and participate in Creating a Culture of Education Innovation that will transform teaching and learning in Arizona.
So, the business community, elected officials, eLearning enterprise executives and practitioners, nonprofit organizations, and education innovators and administrators from K-12 education, public and private colleges and universities and community colleges, education advocates, parents, technology and innovative learning organizations should engage.

We Are Off and Running - Who is already collaborating?

The collaborative is being developed by GAZeL, the Greater Arizona eLearning Association, in cooperation with other education, business, government, and community organizations.

University of Arizona

Arizona State University

Pima Community College

DeVry University

University of Advancing Technology

Arizona Secretary of State’s Office

Arizona Department of Education

Arizona Technology In Education Association

Arizona Business and Education Coalition

Arizona Telemedicine Program

Arizona Distance Learning Association

For-profit companies

Collaborative Organization and Structure

For now there are no plans for a formal structure, bylaws or other policies and procedures. Initially GAZeL will convene and support the coordination of the Collaborative. The Collaborative may include the following:

The GAZeL Board Of Directors
A Collaborative Steering Committee
Local Community Collaboratives and Coordinating Committies
Task Groups/Communities of Interest

Initiatives and Priorities

The initial plans and priorities include:

Presenting the September 28, 2015 Forum Innovative Learning 2015 and Beyond - Challenges, Opportunities, Technologies and Strategies
Developing Action Plans and Communities of Interest to implement the priorities identified at the Forum.

Networking and Communities of Interest

Communities of Interest will initially include:

Collaborative Planning: Purpose of the Collaborative, Getting Organized - Structure and Leadership, Priorities, Future Events, Task Groups or Communities of Interest, Next Steps
Games in Education and the Workplace
Virtual Laboratories for High Schools, Colleges and Universities
Collaborative Professional Development Strategies
Strategies to Create a Culture For Education Innovation in Arizona
Networking and local collaboratives (see below)

Future activities may include:

An online community
Quarterly, semiannual, or annual conferences, meet-ups/forums , etc.
Networking and Local Community Collaboratives

Arizona's Learning Innovators mixin-it-up in a community near you!

The Arizona Innovative Learning Collaborative plans to develop local community collaboratives in Tucson , Phoenix and other sites around the state in sync with the statewide Collaborative.
This will enable education innovators in business, government, education & nonprofit organizations in local communities to network and collaborate but be a part of the statewide Collaborative. Local Leadership Teams will be recruited.
The Tucson Innovative Learning Collaborative is already under development.
Our plans include hosting monthly networking events simultaneously, same day and time in Tucson, Phoenix, and other sites in the state, all connected with live video conference links.
The Agenda is simple, site host introductions, brief innovative learning presentations originating from one or more locations, and time on the agenda for announcements or requests for help.
And, of course, refreshments, and networking, networking and more networking.


Tentative location for networking include:

Pima Community College In Tucson (Site TBD)

SkySong Innovation Center in Scottsdale

Corporate Sponsors

  • Tracorp
  • The 3rd Party Media Alliance Group
  • Exodyne
  • ThomasBrown
  • JanetAult